3 Things To Do After A Product Launch

Congratulations, you’ve made it through your business launch. Time to relax, right… Wrong!

Here’s 3 things you should be doing after you’ve launched. Even if it’s flopped… (Especially if it’s flopped).

Analyse your marketing activity

You need to look deep into your marketing activity during your launch period and figure out what went well and what didn’t and why you think that happened?

Take note of how your audience responded to certain content. Which marketing platform resulted in the most conversions and which resulted in the least? Did your video content perform better than static posts? Was there a certain piece of content that out performed the rest?

This is so important to do because it will help shape the content for your next launch, but also help you understand your customer on a deeper level.

Revisit Your Ideal Client Avatar

I’m going to assume you have an ideal client avatar, because if you don’t… you definitely should. And you’re in luck because I have a freebie that will help you nail your ideal customer. 

Anyway, this is the point where to need to take a look at the people who actually bought from you and ask yourself. Is it who you expected? Is it who you were marketing to, or intending on marketing to? And is it your ideal client?

If it wasn’t your ideal client, chances are your messaging or marketing was off. So a good thing to do would be to re look at that and compare it to your ideal customer avatar.

Or, you might need to pivot and market to a new customer. In which case, the download above will help you work on that.

Keep Momentum Going

Launch periods are really intense and it can be so easy to just fall into a sort of rest period after your launch and feel like your marketing doesn’t matter as much anymore and that you don’t need to be shouting about your business as much. But, I would argue that it matters more than ever to keep up the momentum.

It’s likely that all your marketing activity and hype building has introduced some new eyes onto your business. And those eyes need nurturing.

This new audience needs guiding through your customer journey, so they are ready to purchase from you next time you launch.

Keep talking about the product or service you’ve launched, what your customers are enjoying about it, sharing customer reviews, user generated content. Your focus now should be on building trust with audience by sharing content that your audience will find valuable and educational.