5 Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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Here’s 7 ways you can make sure your audience are loving the emails you’re sending.

Use Content Pillars To Write Beautiful Email Newsletters

Treat your newsletters like a magazine. Filled with everything your customer could want from your business. Current news from the industry, agony aunt section, what’s new, beautiful images, share a fun or inspiring story, behind the scenes of your business. The possibilities are endless – just create a section in your newsletter for each content pillar and it will shave so much time off when you’re pondering over what to write.

Create Templates

Make your life as easy as possible by creating templates within your email marketing software – I use Flodesk. It’s simple to use and creates stunning emails. Remember to keep your emails looking simple and make sure they are optimised for mobile.

Quality Over Quantity

Nobody likes to be bombarded. So make sure you’re focusing on sending good quality emails that your subscribers actually want to read. As long as you’re adding value in every single email you send, you’re doing it right!

Make Use Of Automations

A great way to work on building relationships with your audience is by using email automations. Set up a welcome workflow for when someone joins your email list – send them a short series of emails spread over a few days or weeks telling them a bit about what you do and of course giving them value.

You can also set up automated emails based on a contact’s past behavior. For example, you can contact your users about their favourite products or perfect partners for items they recently purchased.

Zapier and Flodesk are the absolute dream team for getting your website and email marketing to talk to each other and send emails based on customer behaviour.

Include A Call To Action… Every Time

Without a call to action, you’re basically wasting your time! You’re sending your subscribers beautiful emails, packed with value and they are loving it. But where do you want them to go next? Do you want them to look at a new product, book a call with you, sign up to your event? Make it super clear what the purpose of your email is with a BIG call to action.

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