About Us

Who you surround yourself with on your path to world domination really matters, because it shapes how you feel and see yourself as a female business owner. 

Good Business is an empowering and sassy female entrepreneur network that gives you all of the practical, motivational, and inspirational business support you need to start, scale, and succeed. 

We take your business seriously and hold your hand through the big and small challenges along the way, empowering you to learn the skills that take you forward, grow your confidence and self-worth, and access the girl gang that lifts you up and always has your back.

Why Good Business?

Did you know over 151,603 female-founded businesses were set up in the UK in 2022? That’s up from 56,269 in 2018 – which we love to see. 

But there’s still work to be done.

There are still around double the number of self-employed men as women, and 88% of female-owned businesses generate less than £100,000 in revenue. 

Together, we will change this.

We’ve helped hundreds of women turn their passions into entrepreneurial success,  seeing members launch subscription services, get stocked by retailers, hire staff, and even set up second businesses.

Now, it’s your turn to blossom under our watch.

“I say I want to do something, with Gaby and the group’s support I achieve it, it’s celebrated and that’s so empowering!”

“I couldn’t have done that without all of the resources that I get from Good Business.”

Good Business monthly membership makes it affordable (and also fun) to tap into business masterclasses, expert advice and support, and a supportive community of likeminded and ambitious women.

We’re your support system at every part of your journey, covering everything from the mindset to the mechanics of running a business (and every 1am Google search in between).

Turns out women can have it all.

Meet Your New Best Friends

We’re Gaby and Ali, the duo behind Good Business.

After becoming Instagram friends in 2021, we found ourselves practically neighbours in 2023 and began hatching empire-building plans over iced coffees at Gaby’s kitchen table. 

Naturally complementing each other’s skills (and complimenting each other’s outfits), we knew we could work together to do amazing things for you. After all, women supporting women is the foundation of Good Business – and so a partnership came to life!

Gaby founded Good Business in 2020 to empower you to set up and grow your business with the right community, accountability, and education. In 2023, Ali jumped on board to join the fun and co-pilot Good Business into a new era. We have SO MUCH in store for you – are you coming inside with us?

Gaby Marsden, Founder & CEO

Three pivotal moments led me to create Good Business UK. The first was when I left my retail job to start my first business after the birth of my son in 2014.

The second was when I realised I had no idea how to run a business and so enrolled in a business degree at my local university and the third was when I found my love for business and my passion for seeing women succeed.

What started as a local networking group in 2019 quickly grew into an online community with hundreds of members from all over the world. 

Now, Good Business UK is supporting women in business with affordable access to business experts, community and business masterclasses.

Self-taught and super skilled in everything from professional website development to picking locks (I’ll save that one for the group chat), I have a strategic business mind, endless technical and digital expertise, and a caring, direct, and approachable way of holding you accountable and asking the right questions to keep you on track.

My ambition is to see more women like you start and grow profitable businesses you love! Are you with me?

Ali King, Head Of Good Vibes

I’ve got 17 years’ marketing experience, but setting up my own freelance content writing business in 2020 was a whole new ballgame.

Suddenly, I had to learn on the job, make decisions, and do hard things like forecasts and taxes, all while trying to attract great clients and pay the bills without losing the plot.

But the payoff was entirely worth it: running your own business feels like freedom when you have the right people around you. 

I bring to Good Business a creative brain, a marketing background, a love of all things content, and a passion for helping women thrive.

What does that mean for you? Join us and find out – you’ll thank yourself 😉

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Get advice and support from our growing network of female entrepreneurs who are just like you.

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