5 Ways To Attract Your Dream Clients To Your Small Business

No matter what industry you’re in, working with your dream customers and clients is the absolute goal. Here’s 5 ways to attract your dream clients to your small business.

1. Prioritise creating content that serves them

Getting to know who your ideal client or customer is on a deeper level is a sure fire way to market your business to them successfully. So many business owners skip over the basics and don’t pay much attention to their Ident Client Avatar. Get to know who they are, create content that you know they will love and focus on providing value first.

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2. Offer new customers discounts, promotions and freebies

Just like i’ve done above, creating a lead magnet that you know your audience won’t be able to resist is a great way of drumming up new custom and attracting your ideal customers to your business. Let them dip their toes in by offering a freebie or entice them to purchase your product with a discount code.

3. Ask for referrals

Once your current customers are at the advocacy stage of the customer journey, asking them for referrals is a great way to scout new business. Your current customers are one of the best sources for new customers. But don’t expect them to realise this on their own, give them incentives or just go out there and ask!

4. Network

There’s no better way to spread awareness about your brand than talking about it! And the best place to do that is networking! Since COVID took the world online, networking has never been easier and in most cases you don’t even need to leave the house to do it. Attend online events and meet ups and if you do want to venture outside the house you can find plenty of in person networking events.

5. Optimise Your Website

Keeping your website up to date and optimising your pages for relevant keywords is the best and most cost effective to attract customers who are looking for someone exactly like you. Make sure your website is mobile optimised, your site’s load speed isn’t lagging and work on that SEO for your best chances of showing up in search.

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