Content Pillars: How To Create Content To Grow Your Small Business

Content To Help Your Small Business Grow

If you’ve ever struggled coming up with content for your small business marketing – then this blog is for you!

Developing content pillars will change the game for your marketing and the good news is – they can be used across all your channels and platforms. Whether you’re using email marketing, Instagram or YouTube to reach your audience, nailing your content pillars will simplify your content creation and help re-ignite your creativity.

Keep reading to find out how to create content to help your small business grow.

Content pillars will help bring a sense of organisation to your marketing approach. Rather than feeling stuck with what to post on your socials or what to include in your newsletter, you’ll feel confident that you are providing the right content for your audience and for your business.

What are content pillars?

Content pillars form the foundation of your content strategy – they bring together your goals as a business and what your audience would like to see from you and will find valuable. They are kind of like sub topics from your overall brand.

Your content pillars will be specific to your brand and should encompass and be in line with your brand values, purpose, tone of voice and positioning. They should help you connect with potential customers while also creating the kind of content that will help them convert to a paying customer.

Think providing value and being helpful to your audience while also moving the needle on your business goals. Everything in the middle is the sweet spot where your content pillars will come from.

What are the topics that you are passionate about that your audience will also be passionate about? And which of these topics can also help you reach your goals?

Examples of content pillars might include:

  • Company updates (launches, new products, exciting announcements)
  • Business tips and advice (or tips and advice within your niche)
  • Customer testimonials
  • Relatable humour within your niche
  • Sales

How to come up with content pillars for your small business

Your content pillars will totally depend on your business, the industry you are in and what you are trying to achieve through your marketing – your business goals.

But here’s 3 ways that will help you create your content pillars to help you create content to help your small business grow.

1. Who is your ideal client?

Knowing this is pretty key to business success anyway, but especially when thinking about content and how best to serve your audience. It’s super important to have a well thought out set of ideal client avatars or marketing personas.

The long and short of it though is that you’ll need to answer these questions in order to create effective content pillars:

  • What topics are my audience interested in?
  • What are their values?
  • What topics do they find educational and valuable?
  • How can I use my content to target my audiences pain points?

The answers to these questions will guide the type of content you can create.

2. Competitor analysis

In order to understand the market and industry you need to get familiar with your competitors – sign up to their newsletters, check out their socials, follow their blog. Make a note of anything that has performed particularly well and get to know the topics they are talking about so you can identify any potential gaps you can fill with your content pillars.

Don’t get bogged down in comparison and always keep your own business goals in mind. Remember what makes you unique! Get inspired, but don’t copy!

3. Audit your current marketing methods

What’s currently working for you and what’s not? Auditing your marketing methods is a great way to understand your audience and more importantly if anything you’re doing is making them tick and if there’s anything you clearly need to ditch.

How to use content pillars in your marketing strategy

At this point you should have a clear list of 3-5 content pillars and all that’s left to do is decide the format that these pillars will be delivered to your audience in. You might use Instagram Reels to create content for your pillar of relatable humour within your niche. You could include at least one piece of salesy content on your social media per week to promote new products or services. Your email newsletter could include a section for each content pillar.

Don’t forget to regularly analyse your content pillars against your business goals and make sure they are working for you in the best way possible. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.