The perils of building a business on rented land

2022 has so far been witness to the supposed death of Instagram and small business owners are freaking out, some have even closed the doors on their businesses because they relied so heavily on Instagram that after the changes, they are no longer profitable. It is wild out there.

Which is what urged me to put this blog together and share with you, why you really shouldn’t be building a business on rented land.

What do I mean by rented land?

You do not own your social media accounts and they can be taken away in the blink of an eye. And unfortunately it happens every single day to business owners. Meta has the power to close your account down with no warning and you have no rights to your account whatsoever.

Don’t risk losing your business

Too many business owners are building their businesses on rented land. Focusing all their energies into social media platforms whilst ignoring their SEO and website is not a strategy for success.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t build audiences on these platforms. You absolutely should, but rather than focusing your energy on growing your audience on third party platforms, utilise these tools to encourage growth and community on the platform you own – your website!

Here’s my 5 tips for building solid digital foundations


1. Claim your domains and handles

Even if you don’t use them, make sure no one else can. Buy all the domains under your business name and forward them to your main domain. Claim your handles on all social platforms. Keep it as consistent as you can, so you are super searchable!


2. Social media isn’t your goal

Stop chasing followers and start chasing sales! I see so many businesses focusing on social media growth as their business goals.. But if you aren’t making sales to your 100 followers, why would you be able to sell to 10,000?

Social media is a means to an end – use it to drive traffic to the land that you own. That’s where sales are made!

3. Remember that rented land is rented

The metaverse owes you nothing.. It can shut your page down in the blink of an eye and there’s often nothing you can do about it. If that happened, would your business survive?

4. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

One platform isn’t everything. It can be easy to push all your efforts into whatever platform is trending or whatever you are comfortable with. But spreading your audience across several platforms is definitely wise.

5. Build your empire on land you own

Finally, the most important point. Build your empire on land you own.. ie your website and mailing list. You have actual control over these platforms and what happens to them. So make sure your audience knows that that is where they can find you and that’s where the good stuff is.

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