How To Sign Your Next 1:1 Client

Congrats! You’re in business..

You’ve got a sparkly logo, a killer website and you’re showing up in your marketing. But there’s just one thing missing..


No doubt the toughest part of self employment is wondering where your next client is coming from. It takes a little strategy, a pinch of hard work and a dash of assertiveness.

In this post i’ll be sharing a 3 step strategy to snagging your next client.

Put these steps into practice to begin securing clients and laying the foundations for a successful business.

Step #1 – Get clear on the problem or pain you are solving

Get crystal clear on the problem you’re helping to solve. It needs to be an issue that your ideal client feels is urgent and important. Something they need solving but they aren’t equipped to solve themselves.

Step #2 – Pinpoint who you are here to help

A great way to get clear on the problem is by getting really clear about who it is you’re serving, give them a name and dive deep in to what their life looks like and what problems they come across.

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Step #3 – Use call to actions and be precise

You need to be super precise about what you want them to do?

– Book a call

– Reply to your email

– Chat in your comments

– DM you

Whatever it is.. tell them! Don’t count on them to figure it out.

Go ahead and sign that next 1:1 client!

Remember, capture their attention and then tell them exactly what you want them to do.