How to write a website about page (that’s actually interesting)

How can you write an about page for your website that people actually read?

In a super practical and interesting masterclass, fashion copywriter Katie Ramsingh shared her secrets to writing an engaging about us page that makes people want to do business with you. 

With a wealth of experience writing for high-end and high-street brands like Louis Vuitton, John Lewis, and Rimmel London, Katie was just the person to show us how a great about us page can communicate your brand’s story and values.

Why is your about page important?

Your website about us page is one of the best places to showcase your business and get your story out there.

And if the thought of that gives you the ick, it’s time to put your discomfort aside and focus on conveying the essence of your brand, because it’s one of the best ways to connect with your audience as a business owner.

The about us page is actually one of the most visited pages on a website. So, it’s likely your about page starts your customer’s experience of your brand and dictates whether they’ll want to learn more or bounce off your site and look elsewhere.

It’s where potential customers and partners go to learn more about your company, its mission, and the people behind it.

A well-written about us page can make a lasting impression and encourage visitors to explore your product or services. It can also help establish your brand as a trusted and credible source in your industry, as well as boosting your SEO – often, a good about page shows up as a landing page when people are browsing Google for your service or product type.

So… how do we actually write one? Is it random, or is there a template you can follow?

Read on to discover essential tips for composing the perfect about page.

How to write an about us page

Let’s start off with some of Katie’s top tips on getting started. 

Focus on your passion and expertise

What are you passionate about? What are you uniquely qualified to do? Reading your about us page should bring to life your uniqueness and love for your work.

Use storytelling to engage your audience

People connect with stories. So, near the top of the page make sure you tell the story of your business to draw your reader in from the get-go.

Sure, you can still share how many years you’ve been in business, but make it interesting and anecdotal, rather than a dull list of facts. 

Emphasise your mission and values

What drives you? What are your core values? What impact do you want to make in the world? Use your about us page to add depth to your business and attract customers who share your beliefs.

Showcase your achievements

Don’t be afraid to highlight your accomplishments, awards, and positive customer feedback. Your about us page is a good place to show off a little! 

Copywriting secrets that make it easy to create a good about me page 

Here are some more general tips for small businesses to make it easy to build trust when you write an about me page.

  • Keep it concise and to the point. People have short attention spans, so get to the heart of your message quickly.
  • Use a conversational tone. Avoid corporate jargon and clichés. Write in a way that is natural and easy to read.
  • Incorporate visuals. Images and videos can break up text and make your page more visually appealing.
  • Make it mobile-friendly. Ensure your about us page is optimised for mobile devices, as a significant portion of your visitors will be accessing it from their smartphones or tablets.
  • Proofread and edit carefully. Typos and grammatical errors can make your brand look unprofessional.

By following these tips, you can write an effective about us page that is informative, engaging, and effective in capturing the essence of your brand and connecting with your target audience.

The benefit of your about us page for press

Your about us page is also where the media will go to find information about your brand and learn more about the humans behind your business. 

Yes, they need a good contact page to know how to reach out to you, but before they get to that stage they need to want to!

For journalists, this page takes the role of introducing your brand and sharing relevant information they might need for articles, features, or even to contact you directly for interviews. 

So, this page is the perfect place to make your personality shine through!

Make your content easy to understand, and ensure the story you tell is one that helps all visitors get to know your company and what your business stands for. 

How to structure a great about page

Hopefully, you can now see why your about page is an essential page for your business to stand our and be chosen.

But what about structuring one – where on earth do you begin?

Luckily, Katie told us every engaging about us page follows a similar core structure.

And she was generous enough to share with us five essential sections that should be included to make sure your page is effective!

This should make it much easier to plan out and write the page – especially if you’re doing it yourself with limited experience in copywriting.

Remember, your page isn’t a CV – you want the page to look appealing to read and add character to your brand. So, tell a story and keep the text on the page short and interesting. 

Five key ingredients of the best about us pages

  1. Mission statement: your about page needs to talk about your brand’s purpose and the impact you aim to make.
  2. Your why: a good page will include the motivation behind your brand’s creation – show how your brand solves a problem in your customers’ lives or introduces something beautiful and meaningful into the world.
  3. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): highlight what’s different about your company – remember, if it’s the first page they see, they need to know why they should choose you over others who do the same thing!
  4. Your story: share your brand’s journey, from conception to present day.
  5. Your people: your page also needs to introduce the people behind the brand, whether that’s just you or others. A good about page doesn’t simply list products and facts, it puts the people front and centre, exploring their expertise, personalities, and roles.

Ending your about us page 

Hopefully, your website visitors will get to the bottom of the page and still want to keep learning about your business.

As many people skim read, they might only scan other sections and then scroll down the page for your call to action.

So how do you round off or your carefully-crafted about us content?

The best about us pages end by encouraging website visitors to continue their journey with the brand. Here’s Katie’s advice on how to conclude a good about me page. 

  1. Invite customers to join your journey: share your future plans and aspirations for your brand, inviting customers along for the ride.
  2. End with a clear call to action: what do you want them to do next? How do they get in touch? Where do they find your social media links to connect with you? Do you want them to sign up to your mailing list? Or connect with you on LinkedIn? Add a link or prompt that encourages customers to explore your products, services, or further engage with your brand.
  3. Keep it concise and engaging: aim for five concise and captivating paragraphs that convey your brand’s essence, accomplishments, and future direction.

Dos and don’ts to write an about page customers want to read

  1. DO keep your page short and sweet: aim for 150 – 500 words.
  2. DON’T feel obliged to share your entire educational background! Yes, your about us page CAN include your degree, but only if it’s relevant and adds value to your customer’s perception of you.
  3. DO add personal details: detail stories and experiences that enhance the customer’s connection to your brand.
  4. DO be clear and concise: take out unnecessary details! Make sure it’s actually enjoyable to read, rather than a pointless essay 🙂
  5. DON’T make it me-me-me: you’ll want to strike a balance between using “I” to share your personal perspective and “you” to keep a customer-centric focus.

TOP TIP: even though it’s your about page, it’s not really about you – it’s about how your customer can connect with your brand!

Write an effective about us page that builds trust and showcases your business

This blog is a great place to start in learning what your customers want from your about page and how to write a great about page that puts your business on the map.

However, there’s lots more to learn, and you may want to dive a little deeper into this topic to make sure your page introduces you in a compelling way.

You might have more questions about the practicalities of writing a page like this, or maybe you’re keen to see about us page examples from other business sites to visualise what a great about page includes.

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