How To Work With Influencers To Grow Your Business

Influencer Marketing For Small Business

Working with influencers can have a tremendous impact on your brand when done right. But equally influencer marketing can be disastrous when it’s done wrong. Follow our basic guide on how to get the most out of influencer collaborations and grow your business through influencer marketing.

Determine Your Goals

So you’ve decided influencer marketing is the right strategy for your business. First, you need to determine the goal – what is the reason behind the campaign? Is it brand awareness, increase in sales, a new product launch.. Being super clear on your goals and expectations will help you choose the right strategy for you.


There are so many different ways of working with influencers and determining what your budget is (if any), will help you decide the best approach. If you don’t have a budget, offering a gifted collaboration is a good option. You might also consider affililiate links – where the influencer earns a commission based off the sales they generate. If you have a cash budget this will open up the options when choosing who you might want to work with. Whatever the case is for you, being clear on this is super important!

What Kind Of Influencer Do You Want To Work With?

Micro Influencers – 10k-100k followers

Mid Influencers – 100k-500k followers

Macro Influencers – 500k + followers

Of course we all dream of our products going viral with Mrs. Hinch singing it’s praises. But the reality of that is that you will probably need a hefty budget to work with Macro influencers. It’s important to not see the big numbers through rose tinted glasses and consider who your ideal audience are actually following. Don’t be put off by smaller numbers either, nano influencers can have a huge impact on your brand if their audience suits yours and they might be more open to gifting collaborations or working with a smaller budget.

Create A Brief

Before you pitch your campaign to your ideal influencers, you need to get clear on the specifics of what you want. Creating a brief will really help you do this. Here’s what it should include.

– About the campaign

– Content requirements

– Caption requirements

– Hashtags

– Description of the product including any key talking points

Consider your goal while writing your brief. What platform do you want the content to go on. If it’s a video, how long? Instagram stories? Grid post? You need to be super clear on all these points to avoid confusion.


If you want to work with a specific influencer, you can usually find their managements contact details fairly easily. Send your pitch & content brief along with a short bio about your brand. If you are unsure of who you want to work with, there are some great Facebook groups with Nano & Micro Influencers & Brands. If you’re going to pitch in one of these groups make sure you are specific about whether the campaign is paid or gifted, what kind of influencer you want to work with and how they can apply.

Always Have A Contract

This is the most important part of working with influencers, even if it’s a gifted collaboration! Contracts are so important to protect both you as a business and the influencer. Do not forget about this part!! If you’re stuck – the Good Business Membership gives you access to an influencer marketing contract template.

Get Clued Up About ASA Guidelines

The advertising standards guidelines have definitely tightened up over the last few years. Make sure you are clued up and include relevant details in your contract too.