Instagram Reels 101

Instagram Reels 101: Mastering the Art of Short-Form Video for Business Growth

If you’re a savvy entrepreneur looking to enhance your digital marketing game, you’ve likely encountered Instagram Reels, the platform’s latest feature for creating and sharing short video content. In this masterclass, you’ll delve into the world of Instagram Reels with the guidance of Hannah, a seasoned social media coordinator and a member of our Good Business community.

Meet the Expert Behind the Blog

Meet Hannah, the social media maven who has turned her passion for social platforms into a thriving career. Since her days of editing MySpace Top Ten, Hannah’s fascination with social media has grown into a deep-seated expertise.

The journey that led her to where she is today began during the coronavirus pandemic when she found herself furloughed, with ample time to contemplate her life goals. It was at this pivotal moment that she decided to transition her passion into a career, offering freelance social media management services.

Throughout her career, Hannah has expertly handled social media accounts for a diverse clientele. Her clients have included high-profile figures from TV, radio, music, celebrity gyms, private healthcare firms, and even prestigious Savile Row tailors – a testament to her versatility and expertise.

Today, Hannah specializes in working with small businesses looking to establish or revamp their social media presence. Whatever your social media needs may be, Hannah is here to guide you toward achieving success.

Why Instagram Reels Matter

Instagram Reels is not just another flashy feature but a powerful tool for business growth. It provides a platform for you to engage with your audience, boost your visibility, and harness the platform’s algorithm to your advantage.

Reels are a versatile way to present your brand’s personality and connect with your target audience in a unique and engaging manner. They can help you convey messages, showcase products, and share valuable information. So, if you haven’t explored Instagram Reels yet, it’s high time you did!

Creating Your First Instagram Reel

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of creating your first Instagram Reel. The process is straightforward, and with Hannah’s expert guidance, you’ll be on your way to mastering the art of Reels.

Firstly, remember that Reels are up to 60 seconds long, and you can include multiple video clips, effects, and audio. Hannah recommends using the “InShot” app for adding text, as it’s reliable and user-friendly.

When it comes to sharing your Reels, you have various options, including sharing them with your followers, in your stories, and even on the Explore page. Instagram actively promotes Reels, making them a valuable tool for increased engagement, visibility, and brand expression.

Maximising Your Reel’s Impact

To make the most of Instagram Reels, you’ll want to engage with trending audio and incorporate the right mix of hashtags. Remember, the more effort you invest in your Reels, the more Instagram will prioritize them in its algorithm.

Your audience’s active hours are crucial to your Reel’s success, so post when your followers are most likely to be online. Instagram Insights can provide you with this valuable information.

Engaging Content Ideas

Hannah emphasizes that your Reels should be more than just trends. While trends can give your account a boost, it’s crucial to add value to your brand. Explore different content ideas that resonate with your audience and your brand’s identity.

Using Transitions for Added Flair

Adding transitions to your Reels can make your content more engaging. While some transitions may not fit every brand, experimenting with a variety of transitions can help your content stand out.

Repurposing Content from TikTok

Repurposing content from TikTok is a time-saving strategy. However, ensure you remove the TikTok watermark before posting on Instagram to maintain a professional look.

Staying Updated with Trends

To keep your Reels fresh and engaging, stay updated with the latest trends. While trends can be fleeting, hopping on them early can give your content a much-needed boost.

Maximising Instagram Reels for Your Business Growth

Instagram Reels have taken the social media world by storm, offering businesses and content creators an excellent way to engage with their audience and increase their online presence. In a recent Instagram Live session, social media expert Hannah shared invaluable insights and tips on making the most out of Instagram Reels for your business. In this blog post, we’ll break down her expert advice and discuss various strategies to effectively leverage Instagram Reels to drive your business growth.

Content Strategy is Key

Hannah emphasizes the importance of having a well-thought-out content strategy when using Instagram Reels. To get started, consider your target audience’s preferences and the type of content that resonates with them. Think about what your audience wants to see, whether it’s recipes, how-to guides, ASMR content, or something else entirely. Analyze your past content to identify what has performed well and brainstorm ways to transform this content into short, engaging Reels.

Frequency and Consistency

Consistency is vital when it comes to Instagram Reels. Hannah suggests creating a content schedule and adhering to it. Posting Reels regularly helps build audience expectations and encourages viewers to keep returning to your profile for fresh content. Some content creators even aim to create a Reel every day to keep their audience engaged.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

One content idea that’s incredibly effective is sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business or personal brand. People love to see what goes on behind the scenes. You can create a tour of your workspace or show how you craft your products. These Reels can help establish a stronger connection with your audience and make your brand more relatable.

Using Trending Audios

Trending audios are a great way to boost the visibility of your Instagram Reels. Using popular songs or sound clips can help your content reach a wider audience. However, ensure your content is relevant to the audio you choose and fits your brand’s identity.

Voiceovers and Captioning

Voiceovers are a valuable feature to consider, especially when the audio you want to use might not align perfectly with your content. Instagram allows you to include voiceovers in your Reels, providing flexibility for narrations and explanations. You can adjust the background audio to ensure both the music and your voice are audible.

Captions are essential on Reels. While your caption appears at the bottom of the screen, it’s crucial to make the opening five words impactful, as this is what viewers will see. Keep your captions concise and engaging, as lengthy text may be ignored by viewers.

Hashtags are Your Friends

Using appropriate hashtags is crucial to increase the discoverability of your Instagram Reels. It’s recommended to use up to 30 hashtags, but Hannah suggests a range of 10 to 15 well-researched, niche-specific hashtags. This can significantly enhance your content’s reach and engagement.

Engagement is Key

Responding to comments on your Reels is an essential practice. When someone takes the time to comment, reciprocating with a reply of at least four words is seen as valuable by Instagram’s algorithm. Meaningful interactions can also help foster a sense of community around your brand.

Boost Your Confidence

For some, appearing in Reels can be intimidating, and you might be concerned about judgment from your audience. However, Hannah emphasizes that most people scroll through content with minimal judgment. They either find it interesting or scroll past, so don’t let these concerns deter you. Building confidence and consistently posting Reels can lead to audience engagement and growth.

Repurpose and Adapt Content

Do not limit your content ideas for Instagram Reels. Consider repurposing your existing content into bite-sized, engaging videos. Content that has performed well as static posts or during live sessions can be transformed into short, impactful Reels. Think of creative ways to adapt your existing content for this format.

Scheduling Reels

While Instagram doesn’t natively support scheduling Reels, some third-party scheduling tools like Later offer solutions that can help. Later allows you to schedule your Reels as feed posts and then publish them as Reels when the time comes. This can be a useful workaround for those who want to maintain a consistent posting schedule.

In summary, Instagram Reels are a valuable tool for businesses and content creators to grow their online presence and engage with their audience. With a strategic content plan, consistency, and creative approach, you can leverage Reels to effectively showcase your brand and connect with your followers. So, take Hannah’s advice to heart and start creating compelling Reels that resonate with your audience and drive your business growth.

Remember, it’s all about building an online community around your brand, and Instagram Reels can be a key element in your social media strategy.

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