5 SEO Quick Wins To Help You Rank On Google

1. Google My Business

Register your business with Google My Business to get your business listed on Google. This allows you to post updates, add important information and your customers can leave you reviews. The process is super simple and quick!

2. Google Search Console

Imagine writing a book and then taking it to a huge library and just popping it on a random shelf in the hopes that the right person finds it… you wouldn’t do it would you? So why do that with your website? Submitting your website to Google Search Console is like writing a book and taking it to the librarian to store your book in the right place in the library so that the right people find it. Bish bash bosh, done!

3. Submit Your Sitemap

Another Google tool you need to use! Submit your sitemap via Google Search Console so that Google can crawl your site and index it.

4. Don’t Upload Images Named IMG_54667

Images are searchable and count towards your SEO! By giving them proper names ie, what they actually are. Ensuring the names are relevant to your content, you improve your chances of showing up in searches. Go one better and add alt text to your images to make them user friendly and accessible for everyone!

5. Use The Correct Text Formats

When designing your webpages, be sure to use the correct text formats. This will look different depending on your website host. But it should be something like H1 for main headings, H2 for subheadings and P for paragraphs. This helps search engines crawling your site to pick out the most important parts!