Small Business Gift Guide: Thoughtful and Unique Finds For Christmas 2023

Welcome to a world of thoughtful and unique finds curated just for you in our Small Business Gift Guide. This guide is a celebration of the incredible craftsmanship and creativity that small businesses bring to the table. Each handpicked gem not only reflects the passion of its founder but also offers a story that goes beyond the ordinary. Whether you’re seeking mindful crystal jewelry, gluten-free delights, alternative home decor, vegan baking kits, detailed illustrations, or personalized stationery, our guide introduces you to the visionary individuals behind these remarkable small businesses. Join us on a journey to discover the perfect gift while supporting the dreams of passionate entrepreneurs who pour their hearts into every creation.

1. Poppy Rose Creates

Meet the Founder:

Founder of Poppy Rose Creates pours love and intention into each handmade piece of mindful crystal jewelry.

Explore Poppy Rose Creates

About the Business:

Poppy Rose Creates specialises in crafting mindful crystal jewelry, including rings, necklaces, earrings, keyrings, and more. Each piece serves as a reminder to connect with oneself, the Earth, and the present moment.

Product Highlight: Carnelian Clementine Dangle Earrings

Carnelian is the crystal of creativity and passion. It’s here to remind you that you are already overflowing with creative ideas and fiery passion for the things you care about. Each piece of jewellery comes with a note about the crystal’s energies and properties, as well as some positive affirmations you can say to yourself to help spark these energies to life within you.

2. Whip – Bakes by Amy

Meet the Founder:

Amy, a skilled baker based in Glasgow, brings a wealth of experience with three years of professional cookery and patisserie training from Dundee and Angus College and City of Glasgow College. Since the age of 12, she has been delighting family, friends, and herself with beautifully crafted cakes, cultivating a deep love for her craft.

In 2020, Amy faced a pivotal moment in her career with a diagnosis of coeliac disease. Rather than allowing it to pose a setback, she decided to pivot and embraced the challenge, embarking on a gluten-free baking journey that has added a unique dimension to her already impressive repertoire.

About the Business:

Not a baking enthusiast? No problem! At Whip, there’s something for everyone. Customers can head over to the shop page to discover a variety of delicious treats available for convenient doorstep delivery.

All the cakes at Whip are 100% gluten-free, ensuring suitability for individuals with coeliac disease.

The shop is open from Monday to Wednesday, accepting orders between 9 am and 7 pm for delivery the following Monday.

Each product is thoughtfully packaged in recyclable boxes and paper, reflecting Whip’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Product Highlight: Gluten-Free Christmas Share Box

Gluten-free Christmas share box including 4 mince pies, 4 millionaire shortbread, 4 mincemeat brownies, and 4 spiced caramel biscuits. £25 including postage.

The Christmas share box is for anyone and everyone and if you happen to be coeliac or gluten intolerant then it’s just an added bonus for you.

3. Hopeless Dolls

Meet the Founders:

In 2020, sisters Maisie and Dulcie’s pandemic-inspired idea blossomed into a love for sculpture and expressionism. Their art focuses on conveying messages of self-love and celebrating individual differences. The debut collection, Saint, launched in September 2021, featuring unique items like the exclusive handmade dental incense burner. Since then, they’ve gained a loyal online following, secured a spot in Cene magazine’s Xmas guide, and their creations are embraced by notable drag performers.

Looking ahead, their vision includes securing placement in major retailers and becoming the go-to destination for alternative queer home décor. Their platform is not just a showcase for bespoke items but a safe haven for alternative and queer individuals, offering resources, educational links, and a community where everyone feels accepted.

About the Business:

Hopeless Dolls cater to the alternative queer 20-30 demographic, creating original and one-of-a-kind items, including pins, prints, incense burners, and stickers.

Product Highlight: Bat and Hopeless Enamel Pins

Priced at £10, these enamel pins are a unique expression of individuality. Hopeless Dolls ensures that everything they create is original and limited in quantity, making each piece special.

4. Treehouse Bakery

Meet the Founder:

Stephanie is the mastermind behind Treehouse Bakery, and she’s the creative force whipping up those fantastic vegan baking kits for everyone with an eco-friendly sweet tooth. With a genuine love for trees, Stephanie has gathered a wealth of expertise over the years working in commercial bakeries across the UK. Treehouse Bakery is Stephanie’s way of sharing her baking wizardry with home bakers, all while keeping it chill, eco-friendly, and harm-free to the planet. It’s as simple and awesome as Stephanie makes it!

About the Business:

Vegan baking kits for your eco-friendly sweet tooth. Enjoy the fun of baking with less of the faff; I’ll send you all the ingredients you need to bake delicious plant-based treats in your very own kitchen. Plant-based baking has a lower carbon footprint than omni alternatives, plus I use the most sustainable packaging available.

Product Highlight: Bake and Build DIY Gingerbread House Kit

Get all the ingredients to bake your gingerbread house from scratch and the template and instructions to build an impressive festive house. Fun for kids and kids at heart, this make a great gift for families or a wonderful addition to a Christmas Eve box.

5. Jessica Donnelly Art

Meet the Founder:

Jess is an artist residing by the sea in the North East of England, passionately crafting enchanting folklore home décor. Her creations are tailored for those in search of an escape from the relentless mundanity of everyday life. Through her illustrated products and a blog brimming with tales, Jess aims to make daydreamers feel seen and heard, ensuring a perpetual embrace of magic and stories in their lives.

About the Business:

Creating detailed illustrations and home decor inspired by Folktales and Nature. Ensuring the daydreamers of the world are constantly surrounded by magic and storytelling. I run an online shop in which I sell embellished prints, original artwork and magical home decor. Being eco-conscious is at the very heart of my business, and that is why I print everything myself using an eco-tank printer and use biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Product Highlight: Miniature Heirloom Collection Christmas Baubles

Priced at £18 each, these hand-painted ceramic Christmas baubles are part of the Miniature Heirloom Collection. They are not just ornaments but timeless keepsakes that capture the joy, love, and traditions of Christmas.

For the daydreamer, for the soul who still believes in the magic of Christmas, who holds Christmas traditions close to their heart, for those who each year methodically pick out a beautiful new bauble to add to their tree. A timeless celebration of Christmas elegance, the Heirloom Collection has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each bauble is individually hand-painted with rich and vibrant colours. The Heirloom Collection is destined to be more than just ornaments; they are keepsakes that encapsulate the joy, love, and traditions of your Christmas.

6. miisprint

Meet the Founder:

Amanda Callaghan, the creative mind behind miisprint, designs alternative stationery and prints for all occasions.

About the Business:

Miisprint’s stationery is handmade and foiled, featuring modern and minimal designs on high-quality cardstock. The use of holographic hot foil deboss adds a touch of uniqueness to each piece.

Product Highlight: Christmas Cards

Perfect for alternative stationery enthusiasts, these cards are blank inside for personalized messages and come with a C6 Brown Kraft envelope. Each card is a work of art on its own.

– Handmade and foiled

– Modern and minimal designs

– 300gsm Arjowiggins / GF Smith Card

– Holographic Hot Foil Deboss

– A6 (105mm x 148mm)

– Includes C6 Brown Kraft envelope

– Blank inside for your own messages

7. Chloesha Ellen Designs

Meet the Founder:

Founded in 2019 by Chloesha as a side hustle to her full time designer job to help her mental health. She specialises in handcrafted colourful concrete home decor. Chloesha Ellen Designs products are seen as perfectly imperfect in every way! Texture, colour and oddities are celebrated, rather than discarded.

Every product is hand cast by Chloesha in her East London home. Each piece is a mini unique artwork as you never know what will happen once it’s time to demould them. In 2020 during the first lockdown, she launched a Create Your Own Concrete Tealight Holder Kit with all you need inside to create 2 bespoke holders at home. These were eventually a best seller and featured in Stylist Magazine in January 2021. Now, Chloesha focuses on makers markets, in person workshops and events as this is what brings her most joy!

About the Business:

Chloesha’s products celebrate imperfections, with each piece hand-cast in her East London home. The focus is on texture, color, and oddities, creating unique artworks with every cast.

Product Highlight: Create Your Own Concrete Kits

Priced at £30, these DIY craft kits include a reusable silicone mold and jug. Chloesha Ellen Designs encourages creativity, allowing customers to make personalized concrete pieces over and over again.

Support A Small Business This Christmas

This small business gift guide offers a diverse range of thoughtful and unique finds, each with a story to tell and a passionate founder behind the craft. Whether it’s mindful crystal jewelry, gluten-free baked goods, alternative home decor, vegan baking kits, detailed illustrations, alternative stationery, or handcrafted concrete decor, these businesses have something special to offer for your christmas gift-giving.